How to do Guest Posting Right

What is Guest Blogging ?

Guest blogging also referred to as Guest Posting is writing or creating content for someone else’s website. This is done in order to generate traffic back to their website.

Guest blogging is both a great way to connect with a new audience with a preferred niche as yours. And also create backlinks for your own website. Guest blogging is a two way street and an informative credible blog benefits both the consumers and the writer.

Determine Your Purpose

Your first step is to determine what your purpose behind doing a guest blog is.

There Are 3 Main Reasons Why People Want to Guest Blog:-

i. Develop backlinks for their website.
ii. Generate traffic back to their website.
iii. Establish themself as a well-known name in the industry.

If you are solely working for #1, then you need to find websites with an impressive and strong domain authority. For #2 and #3 find websites with huge audience engagement.

Finding Guest Blogging Opportunities

While looking for an opportunity to publish as a guest blogger, make sure to look for websites that have the same context and niche as you.

Ensure it Fits the Following Criteria:

i. The blog has an expanded readership.
ii. The content posted on the blog is in regard to your industry.
iii. The owner is actively involved in social media as this ensures off-page SEO.

Google Search

Google can be a great kick to your guest blogging venture. You can search for credible guest blogging opportunities by simply searching for the below-mentioned keywords :
* “submit a guest post”
* “guest post”
* “guest post by”
* “accepting guest posts”
* “guest post guidelines”

Social Media Search

Social media sure has a giant number of operators. A lot of bloggers too are a part of this community. Many share all updates regarding their site on their respective social media pages. If you run a search for keywords like “guest blog” or “guest blogging ”, you will find all relevant details. Keep a track of them and you will come in contact with people open to such opportunities.


My Blog Guest is a platform for guest bloggers. You can sign up for free and directly approach people. You can even make your own profile and let interested people contact you.

Prolific Guest Bloggers/Google Image Search

Run a google search to find famous people who guest posting more than usual in your field. And from there start stalking their profile to find links to blogs they have guests posted in. This will give you enormous access to some very great sites, with a huge readership.

If you specifically want to target one blogger, you can copy the URL of their headshot and paste it on the Google Reverse Image Search. What you will receive further is a list of sites they have blogged for.

Competitor’s Backlinks

If you see a site ranking on top and wish to see how they are doing it then indulge in reversing their backlinks. Copy the URL of that particular site and paste it on Ahrefs.

You will receive further a list of their backlinks. If you check thoroughly you will find a chunk of guest posting backlinks. You can choose which ones suit your purpose and go ahead and approach the particular website.

The best thing about this technique is that you can approach bigshot websites that don’t openly show or acknowledge their interest in guest blogging.

How to Pitch Your Guest Post

Some websites might ask you to submit topics in advance. Based on all the knowledge you have of the respective field, submit a couple of ideas to the blog owner.

The most common dilemma with guest posting is to decide whether to keep your best content for your own blog or spend it on your guest posting.

The answer lies in the format of the blog you are guest posting for. Go through a couple of posts on the blog and jolt down key points on what is the format of that site. Some blogs focus more on screenshots and pictures while some on the number of words.

Remember guest posting is not about your business or product. It is merely a bridge to connect people with your brand.

Become the Best Guest Blogger

If you wish to become a regular contributor to a particular set of websites because they give you engagement in return, then you have to promote your work. Use Off-Page SEO techniques and your social media to garner maximum clicks. Blog owners love when you send new readers to their platform.

Most of the time the goal is to generate traffic. Thus, you must keep a track of activities and engagement of your content. Make an Advance Segment in Google Analytics for the same.


Guest Blogging is a great technique to spread awareness about your brand. It is one of the best off-page techniques used by a number of people in today’s date to meet their target audience.

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