How to Drive Traffic Using Pinterest

Pinterest is not just a social media app but a search engine. It is a highly relevant and useful site for industries like e-commerce and digital marketing. In this article, we will show you how you can drive traffic using Pinterest. 

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How Pinterest Works

Just like different search engines- Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc. Pinterest too uses your preferences to show up results. On typing on the search bar about any certain thing, Pinterest displays a bunch of results. 

Set up

The first step is to optimize and set up your business profile on Pinterest. Head to and select the “Join As A Business Option” option. 

Once done with this, go ahead to select topics related to your brand or what your audience will be interested in. This will help in populating your feed with relevant stuff. 

Following steps will be:-

i. Profile Picture – Use your logo. Go for a custom picture if your logo is too plain.

ii. Name of your account.

iii. Link/URL of your business. 

iv. Your description- A description of 2-3 lines that briefly describes your business and gives out a sharp idea to the readers.

Try to put in certain keywords related to your niche. Pinterest primarily focuses on user experience. From there on start creating boards that serve as silos for your profile. 

Use of High-Quality Attractive Pictures 

You are missing out on the entire point if you’re not posting good quality pictures because Pinterest is a visual medium. Images play a vital role psychologically and for technology and business-related companies infographics play a huge role to garner plenty of traffic

When creating a pin, make sure to add your URL to all pictures by using either Canva or PicMonkey as the source of the image.    

Optimization of Pins

Remember to optimize your pins in a way that they get found and lead to valuable sources. Pinterest changed its algorithm on showing pins on feed. It now focuses on pictures that lead to valuable sources or blog posts. 

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Pinterest Resources and Tools

There are tools and resources provided that will help you keep growing your traffic continuously. Some of the business tools offered by Pinterest are :

Buyable Pins   

To Pinterest Business account users who use BigCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, or Shopify buyable pins allow them to use price tags and let consumers shop easily. 

Promoted Pins 

These are Pinterest version advertisements and show a “promoted by” label. Despite them looking like a normal pin, they are shown to a larger audience.

Rich Pins

 Rich pins allow you to add additional information more than a usual business account. 

That is possible only if you verify your website and add metadata. It is a third party tool that automatically gives you an increased traffic rate.


Buffer allows you to schedule your posts. Along with this, it also automatically creates pins for your added content. 

Additional features let you post to multiple social media accounts and create a dynamic posting schedule too. 

With Buffer you can integrate your Pinterest with other social media activities.


Tailwind is very similar to Buffer. Along with scheduling your pins and posts, you can track your performance too. With Tailwind, you can monitor your reach and know areas that require attention. Work on them. It lets you work and integrate with Instagram.

Social media connected as cloud


Ifttt stands for “if this then that”. This is an incredibly powerful tool that lets you use formulas to implement mass actions. You can automate a plethora of everyday actions. 

IFTIII keeps a track of your actions and does them for you. For eg- you put up a picture of Instagram and immediately pin it to an already made board preset on Pinterest. This action can be automated using IFTIII. 


Give Pinterest a chance if you are looking for a free and hassle-free way of generating traffic.

Use the platform to spread brand awareness and connect with people. A total of 175 million people use Pinterest which is a huge audience to target.


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