Blog commenting for effective SEO

What is Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting is an effective connection between the blogger, readers and content consumers. Anyone who feels your words add value to their work comments and leaves their opinion. Apart from this, people who have queries also clear them in the comment section.

Commenting brings a reasonable amount of traffic to your site. And with the exchange of thoughts with the blogger and it’s readers, also makes it a social interaction.

Web 2.0 websites have given the liberty to people to interact not only with the blogger but other users as well. New-age websites like WordPress, TypePad act as a backbone for building blogs.

Blog Commenting to increase SEO

Various people have various reasons for indulging in blog commenting. Some do it for SEO, some to increase their Alexa rank and some to add more info.

People who want to use commenting for an increased and effective SEO do it by creating backlinks.


One of the reasons your site is not getting enough traffic could be because it is not getting authority from search engines. By commenting on others’ blogs you are creating a backlink for yourself, which will in return help you gain traffic.


You need to make sure that your comment is something that makes sense. It is to be in the context of the blog. Avoid commenting on anything random. Meaningful comments can attract just the right traffic your website is looking for.

Build relationships

Regularly commenting and responding can help you build trustworthy relationships. This might take time but eventually, you will build a rapport with bloggers and other site administrators.

Brand Recognition

You have to make sure to drop backlinks on blogs that fall in your niche. This will attract potential readers. And will bring traffic interested in your content. They might not comment initially but will certainly consider you in the future if your content leaves a mark.

Types of Blog Commenting for SEO

Blog commenting to increase SEO is split into two categories :

1. Automated

Tools such as Scrapebox are used to do mass commenting on a list of sites scraped by the user.

The app typically uses generic comments or a spin technique to write one output in several different ways.

This was a popular blackhat SEO technique back in the days when gaming search engines like Google were much easier.

It is still widely used by people who don’t wish to directly engage with users but with lower tiers.

2. Manual

This is done by people purely looking for a backlink. Bloggers who wish to directly interact with potential users comment manually. Also, their comments are more likely to get approved on a moderated blog when related to the real content.

Mistakes to avoid when Commenting to increase SEO

The best blogging tip you need to know is that not commenting at all is better than commenting in the wrong way. You can earn more by avoiding these common commenting mistakes mentioned below:

1. Over-optimization of your keyword in the name section

A lot of people who comment on blogs use their keywords in the name section. It is best to use your full name when placing comments on blogs.

Bloggers are evidently excited when they see a comment with the user’s full name. And there are 90% chances that they will react or respond to it.

For a better explanation, we can say when you enter a conference or meeting you don’t directly start selling your product without introducing yourself. Thus proven that you should use your name. Commenting is like a content marketing strategy and you should use it wisely.

2. Using a fake or inactive Email address

Leaving a fake or inactive mail id breaks the chain of communication and decreases your chances of attaining traffic and interaction.

If it scares you of getting unsolicited mails then you can create an altogether different mail address only for the commenting business.

3. Not connecting your Email to Gravatar

Gravatar is a web application designed by Automattic. It is the same company that also owns WordPress, Vaultpress, JetPack, Akismet, WooCommerce, and more. If you are seriously investing your time into commenting to gain traffic and followers then Gravatar is a must-have!

According to the Gravatar site :

“Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Avatars help find your posts on blogs and web forums, so why not on any site?”

By connecting to Gravatar you get to choose the image that you wish to appear next to your name in a comment. And not some random generic image.

Your Gravatar image says a lot about you. Images play a major role in human psychology and thus this should be taken seriously. The recent Gravatar update lets you use images up to 2048px.

Gravatar recently posted, “If you’re using a low-resolution image of yourself that you cropped from a friend’s Facebook photo two years ago, then it’s time for an update.”


You should not be surprised if you are carelessly commenting on posts without a strategy or plan and not getting the traffic you wish for. Keep your fundamentals clear. Make a list of selected sites that have the same potential niche and audience as you. Make only productive and valuable comments.

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