10 Off-Page SEO Techniques for a New Blog

Establishing a new blog or website is overwhelming. With already rigorous competition on the web, it is tough to garner the traffic you think your work deserves. We help you learn best the Off-Page SEO techniques to generate traffic to your blog.

What is Off-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

Briefly, Off-Page SEO is everything you could do to improve your search engine rankings (SERP). Casually referred to as making your site internet famous. This will ensure maximum visibility. Further, we will discuss 10 best Off-Page SEO techniques.

1. Sharable Content

Authentic and amazing content has always been the king of Search Engine Optimisation. Your first step towards success is determined by how unique your content is that makes it worth sharing.

Content sharing is something that naturally generates traffic and creates backlinks. Do the necessary research and keep your content fresh.

2. Influencer Outreach

Influencers are booming on the internet. Their mass reach is something everyone is taking advantage of.

Approach them to check your work out. Ask for backlinks from their blog. Make sure to reach out to only those Influencers that are relevant to your domain.

3. Contribute as a Guest Blogger

A plethora of good websites look for people who can write valuable and contributing articles. Create brilliant write-ups and offer people your service.

Remember to only write content for those people who have the same background and niche as you do. Do not guest blog for only one site. This will limit your reach. Expand your horizon to as many people and websites as possible.

4. Social Media Engagement

The simplest and most sorted way to gain engagement is social media. Social media popularity and reach can bring immense traffic. Use multiple social media platforms to spread awareness about your work.

It is also the most terrific way to build backlinks. Some top social media sites are:-
i. LinkedIn
ii. Instagram
iii. Facebook
iv. Pinterest
v. Twitter

5. Social Bookmarking Sites

At Social bookmarking sites, you can organize, search and manage your blogs and pages as bookmarks. These bookmarks are public. And can be viewed by anyone on the web.

Popular bookmarking websites are –

i. http://digg.com
ii. http://slashdot.org
iii. https://www.reddit.com
iv. https://www.tumblr.com

6. Forum Submission

Forum submission is another way of generating traffic. All you have to do is fill forums related to your work and get backlinks. Answer queries and post valuable feedback. This instantly builds user trust.

7. Question and Answer Submission

Answering questions is just another way of getting high traffic. Register in question-answer websites. Find your niche and answer all questions about your business blog or website. For better visibility leave behind a link to your website.

If your answers are worthy and make sense, it will ensure generating traffic. For further assistance and building relation with content consumers, you can leave your business id too.

Question and Answer Websites

  • https://www.quora.com/
  • https://answers.yahoo.com/
  • http://www.ehow.com/
  • http://answerbag.com/
  • http://www.blurtit.com

8. Google My Business

Google My Business is yet another free business app. You can register yourself and use the platform in your favor. You can set up the app to give you the best local SEO rankings.

There are too many settings available on the app. Optimizing them smartly with your blog’s links and content can generate a decent amount of traffic.

Tips for setting up Google My Business

  • Upload authentic photos under the required categories.
  • Write a catchy description with 250 characters.
  • Regularly update users with new images, products, write-ups or offers.
  • Keep a track of your reviews. Give instant replies comments.

9. Document Sharing

Documents are still considered transitional pieces of content. Optimize them with keywords, research, title name, links and call-to-action. And post it on document sharing sites.

By sharing credible and valuable information about your work, you will generate more traffic. This alone cannot be done by your site. Thus, it is required to maximize the reach of your work.

PDFs and Presentations cannot be crawled by search engines. In fact they are readable on the web.

Similar to this you can also curate videos, images, podcasts and much more content for your brand. All of this can go up on popular sites like YouTube, Soundcloud, etc. Make sure to upload them with a transcript. A transcript ensures that the crawlers of search engines bump into your content easily.

10. Curate a Dynamic Brand image

Try to create something that is needed by the masses but is not available in the market. You don’t want to deliver something that is already out there, nobody wants more of the same thing.

Give content that is exciting and hooks up the audience. Keep a blended balance of informative and entertaining content. Mix and match with quizzes, tips, did-you-knows and much more interesting stuff like this.


With paying an adequate amount of attention to details and following the steps of best off-page SEO techniques thoroughly, any site can generate traffic. Off-Page is nothing but making use of every productive app in your favor.

From YouTube to Instagram to WhatsApp, every site is useful to your business. All you have to do is to create your brand’s content in regard to the context of these sites.

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