Step by Step Guide to Create Infographics

A rather bygone but newly trending mode of communicating material, infographics have proven themselves to be neat and practical tools for both content creators and consumers alike. A combination of the words- ‘information’ and ‘graphic’, this form of communication has the ability to break down all sorts of information into simpler and pleasant imagery accompanied by a tasteful amount of text.

create infographics

Not only are infographics fun to learn new concepts from, but also are engaging and thrilling to make. So if you are interested in learning how to make these or if you have any doubt(s) related to the process, the following is a step by step breakdown of how to make the same:

STEP 1) Plan Your ROI Goals

Before starting figure out what you are looking for from creating an exercise – are you looking for getting more traffic or backlinks or just creating engaging content for your own readers. Based on your goal, you can figure out the resources you want to spend on this to get a positive ROI.

STEP 2) Find A Topic

This is the most natural step but needs to be carefully considered. Find a topic relevant to your business or field of work and research if there is infographic content already published about it. If yes, then analyze how you can contribute and make your piece of work different with additional information. You can also make your infographic more relevant by updating it with new developments related to its topic.

STEP 3) Research and Organize

Research your topic thoroughly. Compile everything that you find and deem relevant to your topic. Carefully plan out every detail of your infographic to make it inclusive of relevant facts and figures, links and imagery. Be sure to keep the visual presentation of your infographic clear and orderly. It is also necessary for your textual commentary to be coherent with the other elements of your graphic and the minds of your readers.

STEP 4) Decide Your Infographic Structure and Visual Hierarchy

The structure and orientation of infographic needs to be well-thought out. Using a vertical orientation is the most popular, so we recommend that you always prefer that over a horizontal orientation.The infographic needs pivotal points that the rest of the design goes with. Your visual hierarchy should be capable of highlighting major focal points. It is important for focal points to connect with each other and complement well the rest of design elements.

STEP 5) Colour and Font are Key

The importance of the right color (s) cannot be emphasized enough. The effect of color on human psychology has been widely researched. Picking the appropriate color (s) for your piece will set the tone for the final product.

Font, another crucial element, brings out the tone of the infographic. It helps the reader to determine the degree of formality and gravitas of the topic intended to convey. The font along with the color are important elements of the visual vocabulary of the infographic.

STEP 6) Time to Promote 

Now that your infographic is ready, it is time to promote it to your target audience. It is crucial to find the right ways to kickstart the promotion of your content. Consulting an SEO agency, collaborating with pertinent websites, applications, bloggers and institutions are just a few ways to popularise your content. Paid partnerships and social media platforms along with the help of influencers’ leverage can help you amplify your content. 

Promotional teasers and excerpts of your work are also great in amplifying your reach amongst the audience. This step is crucial and should be considered from every relevant angle.



If you have followed each of the above steps faithfully, nothing can hold you back from being the proud creator of a much appreciated and enjoyable form of communication!    


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